HALE 2.1.2 and CST-WPS 2.1.2 Released

This Service Release fixes minor issues and is accomanied by an all-new CST-WPS!
Added by Thorsten Reitz over 5 years ago

HALE 2.1.2 is now available for download in 32bit and 64bit versions for the major operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOSX). The new version fixes a few issues with complex schemas that our users identified. However, the main new feaure is that we have redeveloped the CST-WPS from scratch and bring you a new release that you can now also download from the HALE files page.

This is the list of issue and feature updates for this release:
  • Bug #334: Error with Inspire AdministrativeUnits schema (2010-04) in HALE 2.1.1
  • Feature #337: Server/web application offering a CST WPS
  • Feature #338: Import FeatureTypes of sub-schemas
  • Feature #347: Web interface for CST WPS

Installing and using the new service is easy. You will find a how-to in the wiki:

If you would like to test out the new WPS but don't want to install the service, you can also try out our demo installation:

Builds are available from the download page:

Please tell us what you think of this new release; don't hesitate to tell us about problems you're encountering and features you're missing. Please note that the preferred channel for communication is the HALE forum:

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the HALE Development mailing list:

Furthermore, we'd really like to encourage you to also contribute something back to the project. Please contact us if you would like to become a tester or if you could even contribute patches. We are looking forward to hear from you!