Groovy projects in HALE

Groovy is used in some of the HALE projects/bundles. To compile them in Eclipse you need the Groovy-Eclipse plugin.

Prepare a project for using Groovy

You can create Groovy classes in any of the projects given you assure it also works with the product build performed by the Jenkins build server in conjunction in Gerrit.

In Eclipse, just create a new Groovy class in a project, and it will ask you if it should add the Groovy nature to the project.

For HALE 2.8 and prior for the PDE build to work you have in addition to
  • ensure there is at least one Java file in the project (this is due to a bug in javac)
  • add the following lines to the file (see also here):
sourceFileExtensions=*.java, *.groovy

Get started with Groovy